Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To become the preferred supplier in our nation’s Power and Energy segments, across our various areas of involvement, through the development and offering of superior value, high quality products and engineering services.

Our Mission

To become the number one customer service oriented organization in our industry, by way of ensuring that:
  • Our product offering consists of the best product & engineering solutions for all of our customers’ needs.
  • Our approach to dealing with customers is underpinned by a strong service orientation that is focused on meeting their needs in a courteous, personalized and above all professional manner.
  • Our employees are satisfied in working for us and that their own personal goals are achieved simultaneously with that of the company, through the use of an effective performance management & rewards system.
  • Our internal & external training programs develop high levels of product expertise & service competence in all of our people (Our Best Asset).
  • Our suppliers are our long term partners for whom we want to deliver more value by developing and strengthening their brands & interests in our nation, across all applicable segments.
  • Our community, people and nation as a whole are always kept safe because we only market & sell original, reliable and high quality products that can be depended on while playing a part in the development of our nation’s industry and infrastructure.
  • Our products are competitively priced & aggressively marketed whilst guaranteeing that the highest standards of after sales & trouble shooting support are always maintained.
  • Our internal systems & procedures are streamlined towards delivering our promise of exceptional service.
  • Our stocks are always available through the use of an effective reordering and inventory management system & whilst optimizing on the economies gained through our newly opened logistics center in the North of Colombo.
  • Our maintenance of strict cost controls by means of ensuring budgeting and cost effective business financing methods.

Our Values in all our businesses:

We believe that we will achieve all of these desired business results through being true to our core “Values” which are synonymous to with the “Rotax way of doing things” and they are:

  •  Hardwork & Commitment.
  •  Recognition, Performance & Rewards.
  •  Dependability & Accountability.
  •  Openness, Personal Honesty, Integrity & Loyalty.
  •  Innovation & Creativity. 
  •  Personal Humility, Unity & Mutual Respect.