The success of the business was not just due to the company's comprehensive range, but also to its commitment to support services and its experienced staff. The staff at Rotax Group have nearly 50 years of combined experience in the industry and can be reached at anytime for emergency supplies or advice.

Rotax Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide series of services that are related to electrical consultancy and electrification. The services are offered under the guidance of our skilled experts that have years of industry experience behind them. Our services are cost effective (in most cases free) and widely appreciated by our clients.

We are offering the following services:

Lightning & Surge Protection Proposals

We undertake to provide a comprehensive lightning and surge protection audit which starts with a survey to determine your exact requirement, through to the installation and commissioning of your protection solution. Our range of expertise encompasses proposals for institutions and factories covering direct lightning, indirect surge protection and earthing.

  • Turnkey industrial lighting & Solutions
  • Custom designed lighting Control and Dimmer Systems
  • Proposals for energy saving lighting

Total Turnkey Lighting Solutions

We undertake to provide a total solution for the lighting of all kinds of buildings, warehouses, perimeters & yards, basketball & tennis courts, high security areas, special lighting requirements, etc.

Our scope of supply includes designing, installing and commissioning a project site effectively in order to achieve the maximum illumination levels that are required while also ensuring that your facility is energy efficient.

Energy Audits

We provide an end to end energy management solution to our customers by way of custom designing monitoring systems & solutions to give our customers total visibility in terms of their facilities consumption and waste of their precious energy.

Our “transparent factory” concept is the key to effective cost cutting and visibility in running an efficient factory.

Surge Protection Audit

We undertake to provide a total site survey of our customer's premises to provide the very best direct lighting and surge protection solution.

Automation Studies

We at Rotax have commenced a series of industry specific studies which will enable us to better understand our customers in certain industries and thus deliver added value to them by way of faster process throughput, energy savings & improvements in final product quality.

Selected Industries Are:

  • Tea
  • Garments
  • Rubber
  • Coir

The department at Rotax aimed to serve this segment is named Industrial Solutions. We focus on improving our customer’s efficiency and end product / service quality through modifying existing processes and technology.

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