Value Addition

Often when asked the question “Why Rotax?” the obvious Added Value that is the key benefit(s) to the customer & is the main reason that the customers state. Added value such as …

Quality & Genuine Products

Our products comply to the highest of international standards and we ensure that the screening process at the time of product sourcing & selection is rigorous. We don't market products that we ourselves would not be comfortable using let alone recommend to others.

At Rotax we have your best interests at heart, which are safety, production uptime and reliability.

Value Addition

We provide the total solution of assembling and installation of panel boards, electrical contracting and industrial solutions through our Associate Engineering Companies & associate partners. This is yet another way in which we have diversified our business interests to become a total solution provider to our customers.

Through this mode we are a “single window of contact” for our customers taking on the complete project management responsibility for our client.

We are able to supply our equipment and services on both a duty paid and duty free basis.


We make it our priority to support our customers by carrying ample stock of our pricelist products at all times. We can guarantee a seamless flow of materials to our customers on their projects & O&M requirements. Whatever the equipment we have it and its “good to go” & “ready to be used”.

Island Wide Delivery

We undertake free delivery to any part of Sri Lanka no matter how far or close the project site or customer location may be, at any time of the day through our fleet of company delivery vehicles.

We are also able to provide 24 hours support for break down services or emergency deliveries after working hours. Please contact your key account manager at Rotax for more information.

Warranty Support

We back our products with the Rotax Warranty for genuineness and give you the additional safeguard & peace of mind against all product malfunctions through our rapid warranty and replacement services where we “act first” and then “ask questions”.

After Sales Services & Training Support

We readily provide application and end user training support no matter who our customers are and what their requirements for after sales services may be.

We firmly believe that training is useful for all parties involved in the buying and selling process and take great steps to ensure that we are constantly exchanging and sharing information with our clientele.

We also take full responsibility to guide and support our customers on their product and application requirements post sale.


We provide product trouble shooting to all our customers’ island wide where if in the unlikely event there is a breakdown of our products, we will send over a team of engineers and technicians to remedy the installation or fault. We guarantee peace of mind when it comes to product problem troubleshooting.

Component Level Repairs Support

Armed with a fully capable electronics and electrical repair team and workshop, we are able to carry out repairs & testing on all kinds of electronic components and devices, promptly solving customer issues with minimal cost.

We further carry a full inventory of sub - components for this very purpose.

Engineering Support

We have a team of engineering professionals who are able to guide our customers on their various application related queries, helping them to select the correct product or solution for their application or need.

Throughout the last 5 years we have steadily but surely made the transition from trading to engineering and from just selling to exceptional service.

Credit Benefit

To our regular & trusted customers we work on open credit basis and support them in their project delivery and rollout on a regular and on going basis. It is because we know our customers, value their ongoing patronage of our products and services and most importantly trust the people that we work with in these organizations that we can extend this kind of support.

No questions asked supply on preexisting credit terms.

Wide Network of Sourcing

We have access to a wide range of reputed suppliers from the world over whom we work with for low, medium and high voltage electrical product solutions and we are able to offer any product to our customers know matter how stringent or how demanding their specifications may be.