Industrial Power Electronics

Our Industrial Solutions Division (ISD) SBU

When we look at the trend of business in recent times, all of our customers have begun asking us for the “complete solution” for all of their electrical and power engineering requirements.

At Rotax, we believe in “quality” in everything that we do and that same philosophy is extended to every department and division of the company.

At ISD, we want to be different from our competition & we want to be the very best at what we do, because we believe in the power of long term customer relationships which are based on 100% mutual trust. This has proven to be sustainable for growth.

When it comes to deploying a turnkey engineering solution through our ISD division this is especially true. By turnkey solution we are referring to the complete design, supply, installation & commissioning of electrical engineering requirements of our customers. With that definition in mind, it no doubt requires that the customer demands & expectations are more on us, but the responsibility on us is even higher to carry out this assigned work according to the highest of electrical engineering standards in the most economical, safe, practical and timely manner.

With Rotax ISD, no matter how difficult the task, you can consider your “work” done.