Advanced MV Motor Control System for CPC

The First Medium Voltage Solid State Soft Starter System in Sri Lanka

Roche Projects (Pvt) Limited an associate Company of Rotax (Pvt) Limited and a constituent of the Roche Group of Companies has had the rare distinction of pioneering yet another first in the Sri Lankan electrical engineering industry. The company is proud to announce its marketing and installation of the first medium voltage solid state Soft Starter, in Sri Lanka to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC). This pioneer application was designed and successfully installed at the CPC refinery in Sapugaskanda late last year. This landmark turnkey installation project was carried out by Rotax Limited in collaboration with our principals from Solcon Industries Ltd., a reputed company in Israel specializing in the designing & manufacture of such sophisticated starter devices and systems for various applications such as marine, off shore & gas, naval, industrial, chillers & compressors, etc.

Supply authorities around the world are becoming alarmed at the energy which is being wasted and the current power demand due to direct on line, star-delta and auto transformer starters. Computers, electronic instrumentation and communications are suffering as a result of such starting methods which cause voltage dips in the supply line as the motor draws excessively high current during starting. Lights dimming? Computer crashing? Maximum demand penalties? – all caused by inappropriate starting methods.

Electronic Soft Starters are a device for controlling the acceleration and/or the deceleration of AC motors. Soft Starters deliver the exact amount of power required by the motor for a smooth ramp up (start), run (full rpm) and ramp down (stop). This action provides a smooth, step-less acceleration and deceleration, not only providing energy management but extending motor life. Soft Starters eliminate the high current that can occur at the transition from star to delta and transients associated with star/delta starting.

Spurred by the wide acceptance of this product line in the Sri Lankan utility sector Rotax (Pvt) Limited has taken the responsibility of focusing on the promotion of Solcon’s range to the industrial sector in Sri Lanka. This task is made even easier due to the fact that the company has already got an ever increasing base of industrial end users to target for Solcon’s product range.

Rotax (Pvt) Limited being the parent Company in the Roche Group with over 45 years experience in the Industrial Electrical Industry of Sri Lanka undertakes sizing, installing, commissioning and maintenance of such motor control solutions which are custom designed to the exact specifications of the customer requirements. More information on the product line from Solcon can be viewed on the company’s website at or by contacting Rotax Limited’s Industrial Solutions Division (ISD) on 2584949 or by email on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Rotax Limited’s ISD department is involved in the provision of a wide range of specialized services and activities such as:

(a)   Low voltage power control, management and analysis systems.
(b)   Motor control and process systems.
(c)   Turnkey Lightning and Surge Protection.
(d)   Earth / Grounding systems and exothermic welding.
(e)   Data Logging Systems and analysis of various parameters in industry.
(f)    Temperature control and monitoring systems.
(g)   Turnkey lighting designs for industry.

Rotax Limited’s ISD department also enjoys the privilege of representing the following prestigious brands of products in the Sri Lankan Market:

  1. Citel (France & USA) Surge and Lightning Protection devices.
  2. Hyundai (Korea) Variable Speed Drives.
  3. Solcon (Israel) Soft Starters.
  4. Testo (Germany) Analytical Instruments for the manufacturing industry.
  5. Kumwell (Thailand) grounding and exothermic welding systems.
  6. Altenburger (Germany) Industrial Dimmers for lighting design.
  7. Success Electronics (Malaysia) Automatic Voltage Stabilizers and Isolation Transformers for application critical industries.