Automation & System Integration

It is our desire to offer more value to our clients that would enable them to improve their production output & product quality in a way that would help their business get to the next level. So leveraging our relationships with those clients as an existing supplier and solution provider, it was the next logical step to get into offering innovative technology based system solutions to them. We are constantly looking to grow our portfolio of solutions and services in automation & system integration focusing specially on industry.

Scope of offering

Robotic Automation Systems & Solutions

Packaging Systems & Solutions

All Types of Industrial Sensing Solutions

Conveyance Systems

Industrial Automation Systems & Solutions

Flow & Level Sensing Solutions

Industrial Motors & Traction Engineering

Key Projects done

German Tech

Solutions We Offer:

We are providing numerous System Solutions to the industry in related to Factory, Logistic and Process Automation aspects. We are into two type of automation solutions.

Turnkey Automation System Solution and/or Special Purpose Machine (SPM):

  • Factory Automation Solution for Industries such as Battery, Consumer care, Electronics, Food and beverage, Handling and assembly technology, Health care manufacturing, Household appliances, Machine tools, Packaging, Print, Production logistics, Rubber and plastics, Textile, Tire, Wind energy, Wood.

  • Logistics Automation for Industries such as Airport, Building management, Building safety and security, Courier/express/parcel/postal, Cranes, Industrial vehicles, Mobile automation, Port, Retail and warehousing, Storage and conveyor, Traffic.

  • Process Automation for Industries such as Building materials, Chemicals, petrochemicals and refineries,Maritime, Metal and steel, Mining, Oil and gas, Power, Waste and recycling

  • One of the key Turnkey Solution which we are oering is, Robotic Automation Systems. In this regard, we are working with our manufacturer Yaskawa, who are the pioneers of Industrial Robots and the concept of Mechatronics.


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