Badger Meter – M5000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The ModMAG® M5000 Electromagnetic flow meter is an ideal solution for remote potable water applications, providing consistently reliable and accurate measurements.


The ModMAG M5000 Electromagnetic flow meter is designed, developed and manufactured under strict quality standards. It is user-friendly, conveniently powered by a battery and built for field verification testing.

  • Consistent Accuracy. Available in sizes 1/2…24 in. delivering accuracies of +0.4% of measured value + 2mm/s accuracy independent of fluid viscosity, density and temperature.
  • Application Flexibility. Measures fluid flow accurately, whether the fluid is water, a highly corrosive liquid, very viscous, contains a moderate amount of solids or requires special handling.
  • Durable Design. Creates no pressure loss for low operational costs and is built with corrosion-resistant liners for longer life.

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