Birkett Electric – Branch Cable Joints

All Kits Supplied Complete With Range Taking Mechanical Connectors



  • Large and versatile shells manufactured from a combination of high impact thermoforming rigid PVC and precision injected moulded polycarbonate
  • All mains branch cable joint shells will accommodate plastic cable, waveform and PILCSTA (paper insulated lead covered steel taped armoured) cables
  • Branch cable joints are suitable for cut and uncut mains with a mains branch or double service cable
  • Supplied as complete kits including all necessary components to make off a cable joint, including joint shell, Birkett Swishpak® 2 part resin compound, earth bonding set and core connectors
  • Branch cable joints are supplied with range taking mechanical connectors capable of jointing dissimilar conductor sizes
  • Shear bolt mechanical connectors are supplied on 70mm² kits and above (B70 – B400)
  • Transparent shells allowing full inspection before pouring of resin with a tongue and groove snap together method for mating each half. When backfilled the design ensures no leakage of resin
  • Mixing of a high performance 2 part polyurethane resin in a transparent, totally enclosed extremely safe handling single Swishpak®
  • Tested for safe use by the Health and Safety Executive. All traces of hardener are eliminated after mixing ensuring that the Swishpak® can be disposed of as non hazardous waste

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