CITEL – MS200-240Y Type 1 three-phase parallel AC surge and filter protection panel

CITEL offers a line of surge protectors for the single and three phase AC networks connected to sensitive equipment: MS series.

MS series surge protection devices in metal enclosures belong to a complete family of surge protection devices specifically designed to meet the requirements of the North American surge protection standards: USA and Canada. Respectively, the UL1449 ed4 standard and the C22.2 No.269.1–22.2 No.269.5 standards.

They are available in all single, dual or three phase configurations and are equipped with various diagnostic options. Housed in a NEMA 4 metal enclosures, these surge protectors are available in various per phase surge capacities (Imax = 80, 100, 160 and 200 kA). The protection circuit is based on a combination of high energy varistors and filter capacitors to provide a very high discharge current capability with EMI / RFI filtering. Manufactured in accordance with the UL1449 standard, the safe operation is ensured by real-time diagnostics including fault indicators (LEDs), an audible alarm, and remote signal contacts.


Electrical Characteristics

  • System voltage: 240/415 V
  • System: Wye 3Ph+N+G
  • Maximum Operating Voltage: 320 V (L-G / L-N / N-G), 640 V (L-L)
  • Operating Current Ic: < 10 mA
  • Follow current If: None
  • Maximum Leakage Current Ipe: 1 mA
  • Maximum Recommanded fuse: 200 A
  • Frequency F: 50-60 Hz
  • Nominal discharge current per mode In (8/20): 20 kA
  • Maximum Discharge Current per phase Imax (8/20): 220 kA
  • Impulse Discharge Current per phase Iimp (10/350): 12.5 kA
  • Total Maximal Discharge Current Itotal (8/20): 440 kA
  • Total Maximal Discharge Current Itotal (10/350): 38 kA
  • Voltage Protection Level VPR: 1200 V (L-G), 1000 V (L-N / N-G), 1800 V (L-L)
  • Short Circuit Current Rating SCCR: 200 kA
  • Standard Compliance or recognition UL1449 ed4: UL Type 1 Listed SPD
  • RFI Filtering: Optional UL1283 Electromagnetic Interference Filter


  • Thermal disconnector: Internal to each component
  • Overload disconnector: Internal to each surge protector
  • Failure Indicators: LED, audible alarm and remote signaling

Mechanical Characteristics

  • Operating Temperature: -40/ +185°F (-40/+85°C)
  • Housing-Enclosure material: Steel or Stainless Steel Options
  • Mounting type: Wall Mounting by screws (not included)
  • Environmental rating: IP66, IP65 / NEMA4, NEMA4X, NEMA12
  • Location Installation: Indoor/Outdoor (Depending on Version)

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