Delta – Multi-axis Motion Controller DVP-50MC

DVP50MC is a type of multi-axis motion controller researched and produced by Delta autonomously on the basis of EtherCAT technology. It supports standard instruction libraries defined by international organizations for motion control and brings great convenience to user to learn and develop projects quickly. Maximum 24 real axes can be controlled by means of EtherCAT port. The single-axis motion instructions including velocity, position, torque and homing instructions as well as multi-axis instructions such as electronic gear, electronic cam, rotary cut and G code are supported.


Features & Benefits
  • Up to 24 real axes control (virtual axis no.: 1 ~ 32, can’t be repetitive with real axis no.)
  • Built-in motion control instructions (supporting Jerk and BufferMode) and easy to use
  • Supports encoder axis and virtual axis
  • Single axis motion control instructions: speed, torque, homing, and position setup
  • Application instructions: electronic gear, E-Cam, and rotary cut
  • G-code/group axes: 8 axes linear / arc / helical interpolation
  • High-speed Cutting Machine, Digital Board Cutting Machine, CNC Lathe

1 GHz high-speed floating point operation

High-precision computing: supports LREAL (Double-precision floating-point format )

Synchronization time: 24 axes in 1 ms

Program capacity: 20 MB

Data capacity: 20 MB

1 CANopen port as host or slave station

1 EtherCAT port for motion control

16 high-speed inputs / 8 high-speed outputs

2 incremental encoder interfaces

1 SSI absolute encoder interface

1 Ethernet port

1 SD card slot

1 RS-232 port and 1 RS-485 port

– Left-side: Supports up to 8 DVP-S Series modules (master/slave communication / analog / load cell modules)
– Right-side: Compatible with DVP-S Series modules (240 inputs+240 outputs, 8 special modules)

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