Indelec – ESE Lightning Rod Prevectron 3

The Prevectron3 Early Streamer Emission air terminal introduces for the first time ever the OptiMax technology, neutralizing the space charges above the tip of the rod. It enhances the lightning rod performances, both in High Voltage Lab and on site, resulting into an improved protection reliability


OptiMax® Technology: Maximal lightning protection

The OptiMax® system has been developed by the Indelec engineers. It neutralizes the space charges surrounding the ESE conductor, prior to the triggering of the upward streamer. The latter can then progress in a perfectly controlled electrical environment

Uniquely manufactured in France by Indelec, the PREVECTRON 3® has successfully been subjected to the full sequence of tests detailed in the NF C 17-102: 2011 Annex C Standard:

Radius of protection of the ESE unis: Available coverages: 26m, 42m, 58m, 68m & 79m (at Level -1) see attached protection chart of all units in all 4 levels



  • Marking tests
  • Mechanical tests
  • Environmental tests in salt mist and humid sulfuric atmosphere
  • Electrical test (Voltage withstanding test @ 100kA – 10/350μs waveform)
  • Advanced triggering measurement in High-Voltage laboratory to

Test results are witnessed and certified by an internationally renowned independent inspection company: Bureau Veritas.


The PREVECTRON 3® development was conducted far beyond the standard requirements. The new ESE rod benefits from the following certifications:

  • UL Certified
  • Lightning current tests in Campinas, Brazil in UNICAMP laboratory: the PREVECTRON 3®has been submitted to over 200kA current discharges, whereas the standard requires 100kA
  • Qualifoudre certificate N°051166662001 confirms INDELEC’s quality management system
  • CE marked
  • Russian certificate RTN (N° : RRS 00-05003) pertaining to equipment used in dangerous
    industrial environments.

Real lightning conditions test campaigns

The PREVECTRON 3® has fully benefited from unique experiences during its development process. Numerous engineering innovations have been totally validated in real lightning conditions.

IoT – CONNECTED – Smart Effective Lightning Protection Technology

The application of IoT technology has spread quickly as a means to connect industrial components to the internet. Users have remote access to their equipment to monitor
conditions and operational status.

The lightning strike counter in the IoT module is the only strike counter to be certified compliant to EN 62 561-6

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