MAXES SMART Energy Storage Management System

MAXES can be deployed in various configurations as shown below, depending on the exact customer requirement. Whether you have solar energy harvesting system already or you plan to install a new system, MAXES can be configured to suit your exact requirement as well as the budget.


Maximize the use of Solar Energy and reduce overall energy cost.

Solar Self-consumption
MAXES is totally integrated with Cloud hosted Ape’ SmartHome reporting tools that would allow you to save free or less expensive energy during the day and use the storage in the night or  during power outage.

Time-of-day (TOD) Tariff
MAXES will allow you to store energy from solar when available and the Grid when it is less expensive according to the time of the day. The stored energy could be used during power outage  and when the energy cost is highest during peak time. This will lower electricity bills, decrease carbon emissions and maximize clean energy usage throughout the day.

Energy Saving From ESS
MAXES, will use 2~3 units per day from each 50Ah Li-ion battery installed in the system by re-using stored energy daily around 1.5 cycles per day. Flexible schedules can be created in the  system to use less costly energy wisely to reduce energy cost. This will also prolong the life of Li-ion batteries.



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