Medium Intensity Obstruction Light LM403A

NANHUA Electronics is a global professional aviation obstruction light manufacturer, has full product line of aviation obstruction lights: solar powered type, low intensity type, medium intensity type, high intensity type, dual aviation obstruction lights and controller units. NANHUA Aviation obstruction lights have been Chinese CAAC and ICAO certified, complies with FAA and other global standards, have been widely used in the telecommunication towers, chimneys, smoke stacks, high-rise buildings, large bridges, port machinery, construction machinery, wind turbines and other industries.



  • LM403A Medium intensity aviation light Type A&B with working mode of 20000cd intensity white flashing in the daytime and 2000cd white flashing at night, and also with red 2000cd steady burning/flashing at night optional.
  • Combined with the advanced LED light source, optical and system control technology to meet the most demanding applications;
  • Suitable for towers, chimney, high building, bridge, large construction machinery, large port machinery, wind turbine generation and any other potentially hazardous obstructions to air traffic;
  • Outdoor and hazardous area suitable.


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