Philips – BN308 Endura Next Batten Light

A batten light is a long tubular light fitting that is commonly seen in industrial, commercial, and warehouses, but can also be used domestically. They’re ideal for casting lots of even, clean light across big spaces. Traditionally, batten light fittings were fluorescent lights.


With Philips Endura Next, customers have an industrial batten lighting solution that makes a valuable contribution to the profitability of their business, providing both operational and maintenance cost savings. By significantly reducing the energy consumption, this solution contributes to a lower carbon footprint. At the same time, the luminaire design ensures flicker free, consistent light output for the lifetime (50K hrs.), thereby guaranteeing the optimal working conditions for employees. It enhances productivity as well as takes care of safety of the employees. This unique solution comes with a wide range of intelligent (DALI, PIR movement detection) and networkable options such as Interact IoT enabled platform (both in Wired & Wireless options). No matter what your requirement is “Endura Next” comes with endless possibilities in this era of connected lighting and is specifically designed to minimize downtime in operations.

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