Philips – WT200/201 Smartbright Waterproof Light

With weatherproof fitting, you can illuminate your space at a very less cost as it involves very less power consumption. The fittings are long-term and multipurpose linear lighting solution that are popularly used in offices, warehouses and factories as they provide a bright and even distribution of light.


Smartbright Waterproof luminaire is a special application luminaire designed to provide undisrupted lighting for dusty and humid indoor application. It is a perfect solution for lighting up indoor spaces like multilevel car park, open canopies in bus stations and general industrial applications. The luminaire has all-weather polycarbonate housing and highly efficient electronics with LED system to offer long
useful life even in adverse application and environmental conditions. With unique design, variety of options in lumen packs and color temperature makes it suitable for diverse applications.

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