Sonel CMP-1006 – Digital Clamp Meter

The Sonel CMP-1006 handy clamp meter is a professional tool used for measuring high currents up to 1000 A. The instrument enables to perform tests on wires with diameter up to 34 mm. The CMP-60 is characterised by high measurement precision and operational safety, as it is equipped with special electronic overload protection for all functions and measuring ranges. This allows the user to feel safe even when working with high currents. The meter hides a number of practical functions, which provide it with many applications. For instance, the INRUSH function makes it possible to measure the maximum instantaneous value of the current drawn by an electrical device during its start-up.


Measurement functions

  • INRUSH function for measuring current drawn by an electrical device when first turned on
  • AC and DC current measurement up to 1000 A
  • True RMS AC voltage and current measurement for accurate and reliable readings of non-sinusoidal signals
  • AC and DC voltage measurement up to 600 V
  • resistance measurement up to 66 MΩ
  • continuity test with acoustic signalling (beeper) for resistance below 40 Ω
  • temperature measurement (Fahrenheit and Celsius)
  • frequency measurement
  • duty cycle measurement
  • diode test


Sonel CMP-1006 Clamp Meter is designed to work in difficult measuring conditions. A special housing, covered with an elastomer coating, provides protection against drops and mechanical damages. CMP-1006 is the best solution for those who expect the device to be reliable at work in industrial and residential environments.

Designed for specialists

  • industrial and commercial electricians
  • plant maintenance
  • facility maintenance
  • electrical contractors
  • utility technicians
  • HVACR specialists

Special features

  • large and easy to read LCD display with backlit
  • auto range with manual selection mode
  • HOLD function, allowing for freezing the result on the display
  • DCA ZERO function for relative mode in DC current function
  • MAX and MIN results hold function
  • large jaw suitable for large conductors and busbars
  • automatic power down after 25 minutes

Facilitating the measurements

The AC-16 adapter expands the application of the clamp meter. With the ratio x1 and x10, 230 V AC of voltage and max 16 A of current, the adapter can be applied with any type of clamp meter.

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