Sonel CMP-3000 – Professional Clamp Meter

The Sonel CMP-3000 meter is equipped with robust hard clamps designed to facilitate testing in hard-to-reach, narrow spaces. In this way, more precise and error-free measurements can be made efficiently. The CMP-3000 meter is a functional and reliable instrument, whose advantages will be appreciated by representatives of the electrical and power engineering industry – installers, fitters, electricians, service technicians, etc. The casing with IP40 protection level ensures high durability of the device. Another advantage of this model is the easy-to-read display with backlit screen, due to which reading the result will not be a problem even in poor lighting conditions. A set of basic measurement functions combined with easy operation makes the instrument very versatile and suitable for many applications.


The CMP-3000 clamp meter has a characteristic tab on the top of the jaws which houses the non-contact voltage indicator detector. This makes it easy to carry out the test even in places where access is very limited. Simply apply the detector to the cable – when voltage is detected, a LED in the body of the instrument lights up.


Attachable flexible clamp

Enables AC current measurement up to 3000 A. Designed for easy installation on power busbars up to 160 mm diameter.

Improved clamp

The innovative shape means easier access in hard to reach and tight places. The clamp edging is equipped with a contactless voltage indicator sensor.


The device is versatile due to many measurement options. In addition to the basic measurements, the instrument has special functions, including inrush current (INRUSH), MAX / MIN values, relative value (REL) and peak value (PEAK).

Visibility in any conditions

Darkness in the workplace is not a problem thanks to the built-in flashlight.

Robust design

With the help of the latest technologies, a compact instrument for working in the toughest conditions has been created. The rubber housing protects the device against accidental damage.

Wireless communication

Transfer measurement data via Bluetooth, in „live” mode, to the Sonel Multimeter Mobile application. This allows to record and store the results and include additional description or photos. You can also share measurement data as an e-mail attachment.

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