Warom – BnY81 Series Explosion-proof Light Fittings for Fluorescent Lamp

A batten light is a long tubular light fitting that is commonly seen in industrial, commercial, and warehouses, but can also be used domestically. They’re ideal for casting lots of even, clean light across big spaces. Traditionally, batten light fittings were fluorescent lights.


◆ Explosion Protection to


◆ Can be used in

Zone 2,21,22

Class I

Division 2

Groups A, B, C, D

◆ Built-in electronic ballast, wide voltage input, rapid starting, stable performance, power factor≥0.95.

◆ LED light fittings: Built-in LED driver, wide voltage input, CC-CV (constant current – constant voltage) output, power factor≥0.95.

◆ Only dual tube light fittings have emergency lighting function.

◆ End of lamp life (EOL) rectification effect protection.

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