Rotax Global LTD was opened in 2020 and is a provincial corporation in Ontario, Canada. Our roots have always been in trading and commercial excellence and wanting to capitalize on our global network of trade and supply resources with our diversified clientele. This entity has access to all of the partners and suppliers of the Roche Group of Companies but caters to a wider base of clients with diverse commercial requirements.



Rotax Global has an import / export license and is actively involved in the following aspects of business:

  • International trading of electrical & industrial equipment to our wide range of clients across the globe including such counties as Korea, Oman, Egypt, Bangladesh, Dubai, Sub-Saharan Africa, etc.
  • Specialized IT consultancy services

Future plans:

  • General trading of electrical & industrial equipment across North America.
  • Call center services
  • Distribution of organic food products
  • Real estate investments

Our Brands: