Circutor – CVM-C10 3-Phase Power Analyzer

The CVM-C10 is a panel mounted (96 x 96 mm) power analyzer that records energy values. Compact and versatile, with 4-quadrant measurement (consumption and generation). Suitable for Medium or Low voltage installations, in both 3 or 4-wire three-phase circuits, two-phase circuits with or without neutral, single-phase circuits or ARON connections.



  • Record the energy consumption from three different sources: network, generator set or photovoltaic energy generation system.
  • Generation of an impulse signal associated with the cost, kgCO2 emissions or savings, according to the consumption or generation of energy.
  • Selection of tariffs with digital inputs. Perfect to calculate costs in three different work shifts.
  • Programs alarms on any instantaneous parameter measured or calculated. Configurable parameters: Low/High, hysteresis (%), NO/NC,
    connection/disconnection delay and interlocking.

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