Circutor – CVM-C11 3-Phase Power Analyzer

The CVM-C11 is a power analyzer for a panel (96 x 96 mm) with power logging. Ideal for analyzing electrical and consumption quality variables, such as THD% for voltage and current, as well as individual harmonics for each phase up to the 31st. The inclusion of neutral current measurement lets users detect any imbalance, as well as detect overloads in the neutral conductor. Compact and versatile with measurements in 4 quadrants (consumption and generation), suitable for medium- and low-voltage installations.


Display and interface characteristics:

  • User-defined parameter display.
  • Backlit screen
  • On-screen graphic display of instantaneous active power
  • On-screen graphic display of all quadrants (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4).
  • On-screen numerical indication of the value of cos φ or PF.
  • On-screen indication of the status of outputs, inputs and/or active tariff.
  • LED alarm indicator
  • Costs, kg of CO2 emitted and operating time per tariff


  • Discrimination of power consumption into three tariffs. Ideal for determining consumption during three different work shifts or from three different energy sources (grid, generator and photovoltaic generation), using the digital inputs.
  • Generation of an impulse signal related to cost, kg of CO2 emitted or proportional to energy consumption or generation.
  • Alarm control (2 relay outputs + 2 digital outputs) for any instantaneous parameter, whether measured or calculated. Adjustable based on maximum/minimum value, hysteresis (%), NO/NC, connection/disconnection delay and interlocks.

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