Circutor – CVM-NET 3-Phase Power Analyzer

CVM NET is a Power Analyzer for measuring balanced or unbalanced single and three-phase networks. It has been specifically designed for measuring up to 230 electrical parameters and for transmitting this data through the RS-485 communication bus with the Modbus/RTU protocol to the supervision SCADA.



  • DIN rail format of only 3 modules
  • Mounted on 72 x 72 mm panel, with adapter front panel (M5ZZF1)
  • Measures the current with … / 5 A and …/250 mA external transformers (MC model), …/333 mV
  • Possibility of measuring Medium and Low Voltage networks
  • RS-485 communication (Modbus RTU)
  • Compatible with PowerStudio / PSS / PSSDeluxe software
  • 2 programmable digital outputs
  • Universal power supply (optional)
  • Sealable


  • Control application on switchboards and low and medium voltage connection points, where an analyzer must be installed on a DIN rail due to space restrictions.
  • Alarm control. Maximum value, minimum value and programmable delay.
  • Control of active or reactive energy using the impulse output
  • Instantaneous data capture, maximum and minimum values of the electrical parameters measured.

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