Delta – DLT SRV Series 33 LO Servo Regulator

3 kVA – 150 kVA DELTA Voltage Regulators with servo drive structure, microcontroller controls the heavy devices that regulate the mains voltage for critical loads.


IP20, IP21, IP31, IP44, IP54 Versions Available.


  • Microprocessor controlled
  • 90 V/sec. voltage correction speed
  • Ability to drive nonlinear loads
  • Wide power and voltage range
  • High efficiency, quiet operation
  • Manual By-Pass feature
  • Overcurrent and short circuit protection
  • Cooling with smart fan system
  • Aesthetic and ergonomic design, small size, long life
  • Compact production with quality materials, minimal risk of failure
  • Dust, moisture, vibration-proof chassis technology
  • Reliable use for all electrical devices
  • Over and under voltage protection (Optional)
  • 2 years full warranty in accordance with ISO 9000 Standards
  • 10 years spare parts warranty
  • Experienced technical service support


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