Delta – Relay Voltage Regulator

RELAY TYPE 500 VA-5000 VA DELTA MCU  series 8 Single Phase Digital Regulators (0.5 – 5000 VA) protect your home appliances against voltage fluctuations and extend the service life of your devices. You can easily use it to get better efficiency in your boiler, DVD player, Music sets, LCD & Plasma TV, Satellite receivers. Delta Combi Regulator is fully protected. 500 VA combi regulator works compatible with all combi models. Delta Kombi regulators are the ideal solution to avoid being affected by sudden changes in voltages. DELTA 5000 VA (5 kVA) MCU series regulators are specially designed for use in homes and offices. Delta Voltage Regulator is completely domestic production and we export our products to 82 countries. Our regulators are TSE certified.



  • Type: MCU-8
  • 1 phase input / 1 phase output
  • Power: 0.5-5 KVA
  • Input voltage range: 130 VAC – 260 VAC
  • Output Voltage Sensitivity: 220 VAC ± 2%
  • Efficiency: >96
  • Regulation speed: 500 V/sec
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C / +60°C
  • High and low voltage protection
  • Smart fan cooling (OPTIONAL)
  • High temperature protection
    • Digital display
    • 2 years full warranty in accordance with ISO 9000 Standards
    • 10-year spare parts availability guarantee
    • Experienced technical service support


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