Philips – BY515P Green Perform Prime Highbay Light

High bay lights are used to light up spaces whose ceilings are higher than 20ft from the floor and around 40ft. Also, for these lights to operate efficiently from this height, they need specially engineered reflectors in the case of HPS / MH bulbs and lens angles in the case of LED high bays


In an age where sustainability, high performance/productivity standards and building unique identities are the top priorities for businesses, GreenPerform Prime provides an unmatched highbay solution for a wide range of applications like warehousing, manufacturing, other industrial applications, atriums, airport concourse, sports halls, etc. GreenPerform Prime not only guarantees assured performance but also fits stylishly into diverse design plans. Apart from the unique look and feel, it offers best in class system efficacy, superior light quality, multiple beam angles, and glare control to provide the users with nothing less than the best in the industry.

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