PR Electronics – 2231 Trip Amplifier

A panel meter or display is used as a process indicator. Often mounted in a control cabinet they are used to display a live measured process value. Panel meters range from simple 4…20 mA loop-powered devices to more flexible devices with programmable input and output options.


Advanced features

  • The front-operated push buttons are used for programming the different standard functions.
  • A password can prevent access for changing parameters.


  • Alarm detector in connection with measurement of AC/DC current or voltage signals.
  • The unit is used where accurate setpoint setting and different alarm functions are required.
  • The unit can be used as a single or dual trip amplifier.
  • Used in applications where programmable parameters such as hysteresis, setpoint, reset, active relay for increasing or decreasing signal, delay and input signal need to be set.

Technical characteristics

  • 3-digit display showing the input signal in %.
  • Two LED indicating relay status.
  • 3 pushbuttons for programming.
  • Standard DC current input signals in the range 0…20 mA.
  • DC voltage signals in the range 0…250 VDC.
  • AC current signals up to 1 A.
  • True RMS measurement of AC voltage signals in the range 0…250 VAC.
  • Mounting for a standard 11-pole socket which can be adapted for DIN rail or plate use with PR’s 7023 adaptor and 7024 mounting keying.


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