PR Electronics – 5333D Programmable Transmitter

A temperature transmitter converts the small signal from a temperature sensor – typically a thermocouple or RTD – into a more robust 4…20 mA or digital signal for interfacing into other control equipment. To ensure accuracy a temperature transmitter is capable of isolating, amplifying, linearizing and filtering noise from the temperature sensor signal.



  • Linearized temperature measurement with Pt100…Pt1000 or Ni100…Ni1000 sensor.
  • Conversion of linear resistance variation to a standard analog current signal, for instance from valves or Ohmic level sensors.

Technical characteristics

  • Within a few seconds the user can program PR5333D to measure temperatures within all RTD ranges defined by the norms.
  • The RTD and resistance inputs have cable compensation for 3-wire connection.

Mounting / installation

  • For DIN form B sensor head mounting.


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