SEL – 2240 Axion Bay Controller

The SEL-2240 Axion is a fully integrated, modular input/output (I/O) and control solution for utility and industrial applications, including use as a remote terminal unit (RTU) or ultrarugged programmable logic controller (PLC). With an optional 7-inch color touchscreen display, the Axion is also ideal for application as a bay control unit.



The Axion combines the communications, built-in security, and IEC 61131 logic engine of the SEL Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC) family with a durable suite of I/O modules that provide high-speed, deterministic control performance over an EtherCAT network. The SEL-3530, SEL-3530-4, SEL-3555, SEL-3560S, and SEL-3560E RTACs and SEL-2241 RTAC Module can all operate as the CPU for an Axion platform. For more information about the RTAC automation platform, its applications, and other available models, visit the RTAC platform page.


Bay Controller—Combine the scalable architecture of the Axion with a fully integrated, 7-inch touchscreen display and the powerful logic engine of the RTAC for a comprehensive bay control and monitoring solution. The Axion’s flexible design allows you to expand the device to control and monitor over a hundred switching devices across multiple substation bays. Customize your bay control unit with a wide selection of I/O modules, single or redundant power supplies, and a compatible SEL-2241 RTAC Module (shipped with R149 firmware or later).

Digital Fault Recording (DFR) System—Use the SEL-3555 RTAC with Axion modules, including the SEL-2245-42 AC Protection Module, to develop DFR solutions that exceed the requirements of NERC PRC-002. The SEL-2245-42 Module features 24 kHz recording with recording group configuration for combining multiple module event reports, including digital values, into a single COMTRADE file. The SEL-3555 RTAC with SSD storage provides the perfect controller for recording applications to maintain more than the minimum ten-day storage requirement of all fault records, dynamic disturbance records, and Sequence of Events (SOE) records in the substation.

SCADA RTU—Enable substation reporting and control by using the included serial and Ethernet communications protocols along with Axion I/O modules.

Synchronized CT/PT Measurements for Advanced Control—Employ synchronized CT/PT measurements from multiple Axion chassis distributed across a substation and from multiple Axion systems for advanced time-deterministic control applications, including load shedding and microgrid control.

Flexible Synchrophasor Measurement Unit—Apply the Axion as a scalable and distributable phasor measurement unit (PMU). A single RTAC module in the primary Axion node serves IEEE C37.118.1a-2014 synchrophasor data from remote Axion PMU nodes. Remote Axion nodes use the SEL-2245-4 AC Metering Module located at the measurement points.

IEC 61850 GOOSE Concentrator—Gather a variety of substation I/O with the SEL-2244 Digital I/O Modules, and share the data with IEC 61850 GOOSE messages. Apply the protocol flexibility of the RTAC to concentrate data from non-IEC 61850 relays, and convert these data to GOOSE messages

Power Management Integration With Industrial Control System—Provide a powerful gateway between the substation and the factory using EtherNet/IP. This popular industrial protocol facilitates reliable communication between electronic devices in industrial automation systems. Use the RTAC EtherNet/IP adapter to exchange critical data for real-time monitoring, process control, and power system integration.

Automatic Trip Coil Monitoring—Assess the health of a circuit breaker by capturing trip coil performance in real time. Record trip coil dynamics, including current, voltage, and temperature during operations, and run automatic diagnostics to issue alerts for scheduling preventative maintenance.

SCADA Data Concentrator—Take advantage of multiprotocol support to collect SCADA information and process control commands, and obtain Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)/Network Time Protocol (NTP) time synchronization through a single communications link to each Ethernet device.

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