SIEMENS – 3AG01 / 3AF01 – Outdoor Vacuum Circuit-Breakers up to 36 kV

The Siemens outdoor vacuum circuit breaker type 3AG01/3AF01 are structure-mounted, easy-to-install for use in 12/36kV systems. They are porcelainclad, three-pole circuit-breakers fitted with reliable and wellproven vacuum interrupters from Siemens. Adequate phase clearances and heights have been provided to meet standard safety requirements. They are suitable for direct connection to overhead line and cables.

The design of 3AG01/3AF01 incorporates a minimum number of moving parts and a simple assembly which ensures a long electrical and mechanical service life. It has all the advantages inherent to the use of vacuum interrupters like low drive and arc energy, light weight, shock-free performance and many more.

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