Circutor – CEM-C31-485-T1 Three-phase Partial consumption energy meter

Three-phase electrical energy meter with indirect measurement, 5(10)A (, CEM-C31), direct measurement 65 A (CEM-C21) or single-phase energy meter (CEM-C10).



  • MID certification, module B+D (depending on the type)
  • Class 1 active energy (Class B, in accordance with MID), Class 2 reactive energy
  • Complies with the EN 50470 (MID European standards) or IEC 62052-11 standards (international standards), depending on the type.
  • Compact size (CEM-C10: 2 modules, 36 mm, CEM-C21 y CEM-C31: 4 modules, 72 mm)
  • Resettable partial meter
  • 1 programmable impulse output, in accordance with DIN 43864 (CEM-C10, CEM-C31-T1, CEM C21-T1 models)
  • 1 Digital input for Tariff selection and impulse count (CEM-C31-D, CEM-C21-DS)
  • Indicates bad connections on the screen
  • Energy storage, even in the case of bad connections


  • Redundant meter for verifying the energy allocated by the energy provider.
  • Energy consumption report sent to a remote system (PLC/BMS).
  • Cost control for achieving a high consumption/unit ratio in industrial processes.
  • Display of electrical parameters (V, A, kW, kW·h, PF, etc.), per phase and three-phase.

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