Circutor – Line-CVM-D32 3-Phase Power Analyzer

The Line-CVM-D32 is a power analyser that measures, calculates and displays the main electrical parameters in single-phase networks, in systems with two phases without ground, with ARON connections or balanced or unbalanced three-phase systems. The measurement is a true RMS that relies on 3 AC voltage inputs and 3 current inputs. The device is modular and scalar thanks to expansion modules with different functionalities. The current is measured indirectly using /5A, /1A or /250mA transformers The voltage is measured directly in networks of up to 300V ~ P-N or through voltage transformers. Supply quality events counter (Overvoltages, gaps and interruptions)



  • Measurement of electrical parameters in switchboards and low- and medium-voltage connections where space constraints require installing a space-saving analyser in the DIN rail.
  • Measurement of instantaneous, maximum and minimum values of electrical parameters.
  • Logging of consumed or generated Active or Reactive Energy.
  • Pricing of electricity in up to 4 tariffs (via communications or expansion module inputs)
  • Generation of impulses through outputs to a transistor, fully and independently configurable based on any incremental parameter of active or reactive energy, either per total counter or per tariff.
  • The installation can be controlled by way of programmable timer on delay, timer off delay and interlock alarms.
  • Ability to expand the analyser’s features by using expansion modules with transistor, relay or analogue inputs/outputs.
  • Convert any instantaneous parameter measured or calculated by the device into analogue signals by incorporating analogue output expansion modules.
  • Track the status of components in the installation by using the status of the inputs to the expansion module.

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