CITEL – DS250VG-400 Type 1 AC power Surge Protector

The DS250E is an extreme duty Type 1+2 designed to protect the entrance of the electrical installation. The DS250E is a one-pole SPD and can be used in common mode or common and differential mode. DS250E AC surge protectors are designed to be connected in multi-pole configuration to protect single-phase, 3-phase and 3-phase+neutral AC networks. This SPD is DIN rail compatible,



  • Type 1 + 2 unipolar surge protector
  • Iimp: 25 kA on 10/350µs impulse
  • Imax: 140 kA on 8/20µs impulse
  • Internal disconnections, status indicators
  • Remote signaling
  • IEC 61643-11, EN 61643-11 and UL1449 ed.5 compliance

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