Philips – RC370 24-Watt LED Recessed Full Glow Panel

LED panel lights are a type of lighting apparatus designed to replace existing fluorescent conventional ceiling lights. They are one of the best options for indoor lighting purposes. The outer part (frame) is one of the most important parts as it is designed to prevent light leakage.


Whether for a new building or renovation of an existing space, customers want lighting solutions that provide quality of light and substantial energy and maintenance savings. The Full Glow Generation 5 delivers on the promise of innovative, easy-to-use, and high-quality luminaires, ready to directly replace
functional luminaires in general lighting applications. Full Glow G5 Panel innovative Multicolor/Lumen offers four lumen packs and two-color temperature, all in one luminaire. And the luminaire comes with easy installation with Class B serviceability. Integrating with all available system: InterAct office wireless, InterAct Office Pro, Tunable White Full Glow G6 troffer offers additional energy saving and connected

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