SICK – Incremental Encoders

Paths, position, angle – an encoder is the ideal solution when it comes to precise position detection in industrial automation. The same applies to measuring revolutions and rpm as well as speed and acceleration. High-resolution optical encoders and extremely rugged magnetic encoders complement one another perfectly and permit exact measurements in all kinds of applications. Rotary encoders are available as incremental and absolute encoders. Wire draw encoders and linear encoders with a measuring element are available in linear measuring technology.


Versatile, compact and flexible – Incremental encoders

Incremental encoders generate signal periods or signal sequences of pulses whose frequency is proportional to the rotational speed. The number of pulses per revolution determines the resolution. Counting the pulses makes it possible to record positions and rotation counts as well. The stainless steel types are particularly suitable for use under challenging ambient conditions. SICK also offers incremental encoders with a functionally safe design that support safety functions according to IEC 61800-5-2.

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