Warom – BAT86 Explosion-proof LED Floodlights

Outdoor LED flood lighting is a term used to describe the exterior lighting that is commonly mounted on buildings or poles to provide directional illumination to a variety of space types. This type of lighting is often used to provide light to areas for security, vehicle and pedestrian use, and building wall washing as well as for spaces used for sports activities and other large areas in need of general outdoor illumination.



  • Widely used for the illumination on various marine platforms, chemical tankers, LNG ships and hazardous cargo wharfs, etc..
  • Can reliably work in severe environment exposed in moisture, vibration or corrosion;
  • Explosive hazardous atmosphere Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22.


  • High quality maritime aluminum alloy, powder coated surface


  • Constant current constant voltage driving power, wide voltage input


  • Toughened glass, stands 4J impact

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