Birkett Electric – Polyurethane Resin Compound



  • Mixing of a high performance 2 part polyurethane resin compound in a transparent, totally enclosed extremely safe handling single Swishpak®
  • Independently tested to BS EN 50393 by a leading U.K. test house
  • The well proven Birkett Swishpak® polyurethane resin compound is designed and tested for jointing XLPE, EPR, HEPR and PVC insulated cables in the voltage range up to 3300V rating with copper or aluminium conductors
  • Swishpak® 2 part polyurethane resin compound cures to give a cast resin joint with excellent electrical and mechanical properties that does not allow the ingress of moisture
  • Available in 5 resin pack sizes including quickset derivatives
  • No heat required. Swishpak® polyurethane resin compound can be used in hazardous areas. When cured the joint provides excellent mechanical strength and is completely waterproof surpassing IP67
  • Tested for safe use by the Health and Safety Executive. All traces of hardener are eliminated after mixing ensuring that the Swishpak® can be disposed of as non-hazardous waste

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