Birkett Electric – Resin Cable Joints

The well proven Birkett Swishpak® jointing system is designed and tested for jointing XLPE, EPR, HEPR and PVC insulated cables in the voltage range up to 3300V rating with copper or aluminium conductors.


The entire range of Birkett cable joints has been independently tested to BS EN 50393 by a leading U.K. test house.

Swishpak® 2 part resin compound cures to give a cast resin cable joint with excellent electrical and mechanical properties that does not allow the ingress of moisture. Birkett resin cable joints are the ideal method of jointing with mechanical or crimp type connectors on plastic or paper insulated industrial energy cables.

No heat required. Swishpak® resin compound can be used in hazardous areas. When cured, the cable joint provides excellent mechanical strength and is completely waterproof surpassing IP67.

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